I'm back...ish.

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Alright, back to square one with this website thing again. No RSS subscribers, nobody has any permalinks to anything, no content, nothing.

Yeah, it sucks. Reason for my sudden reorganization is that the harddrive in this server unexpectedly decided enough was enough. And being the broke college student that I am, I didn't have backups or redundancy or anything useful to deal with that. And of course it happens within my first week or two of starting co-op job, meaning I'd have had money to setup and do a backup system only after this harddrive died. Ah, irony. Or just frustrating coincidence. In any case, I do think there were some things worth saving on the old site (Conveniently Insane, if you care) so I'm going to try some harddrive voodoo and grab what I can, but I'm none too hopeful, as the harddrive died from end-of-life issues (14,000 operational hours is quite enough).

In any case, I should probably point out the new name and tagline. Notes on a New World Order just popped into my head, not sure where from, when I was setting this up. So if I've shamelessly stolen it from somewhere, let me know. The tagline, is just me being less than serious, as it seems our world is becoming more custom by the minute. And of course, it plays off the idea of a "new world order." They screwed up the old order; they gave you this big blue marble with no robots or zombies or anything fun to do on Saturday.