Content Overhaul

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This site has undergone some major overhauling to get to the (new) current state. The code is now completely custom, using the filesystem as a content backend (so I can use Mercurial to version content).

The design is simpler, and more focused on the content, though I imagine I will be refining some elements over time; though, I certainly couldn't have designed anything like this myself. I give tremendous credit to Rodrigo Galindez for making the design and providing it for free use.

That being said, there are some quirks to the design, especially at screen resolutions smaller than 1024x768 and with WebKit.

Most of the same content that was here is still here, hopefully under the same URLs, though a few are different. Though there are a number of articles that were imported, and imported again, and so on from some time ago that may have broken text or links. I apologize, and will be working through correcting them as I have time. Along with fixing bugs in the code. If you see a 500 error on the site, please email me, it's not something that is someone else's fault, it's my code, I'd like to know when it breaks.