So, about that job thing…

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I did get it. I’ll be starting on the 29th. That means I really don’t get any time off after school’s done for the summer, but it does mean I’ll have at least one quarter of co-op, if not two (my employer an I both hope it works out for two quarters) under my belt before starting back up with the academics. I kinda like the academics though, so I hope the ‘job stuff’ turns out to be fun. (If I really hate it I’ll be in more trouble, but I doubt that.) So anyone who was planning on me, being a student, having lots of free time this summer will be disappointed, but if you were hoping I’d have money, then you won’t be. I’m usually broke because I don’t work, now I’ll be busy and uninteresting, but I’ll have money. Hopefully a regular daily schedule will put some good habits in place for the future, you might even see more postings here of a reasonably technical nature, as I’ll start wanting to ‘make my mark’ in the larger technological field, so to speak. This blog seems to get enough traffic (somehow) that people who Google for specific things addressed in my posts will find it. (As long as it’s obscure enough that I’m not drowned out in the noise of everyone else talking about it.) I’ve never been this busy in my life. I think I’m starting to feel the push a bit more than I’m comfortable with, as far as homework and projects and everything else is concerned, so a steady workaday thing will be a (somewhat) welcome change. In any case, my parents are thrilled as hell that I’ve got a job (yeah, uncool to mention my parents and how I’m so totally dependant on them, pshaw) an all though. It’s almost like they expected me to avoid it because I’m not thrilled about the idea of trading time for money. It’s not a good long-term exchange, but, to a degree, I’m trading my time for experience and money, which is quite good for me. Experience will give me options, if nothing else. And options are good.

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