Pre-Release Madness

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This weekend I went to the Planar Chaos pre-release tournament (a tournament for the new Magic: The Gathering set that will soon be coming out.I didn’t win anything, but I got a bunch of cards from the new set and had a bunch of fun. I went with Matt D, and he made out much better than I did, but definitely did worse in the tournament. (Matt’s luck is a story for another day, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone he knows that might read this.) In any case, only chase card I got was Damnation, but I did also get a timeshifted Psionic Blast, so that was cool too. At the release, I played in a total of two sealed deck flights, and one draft, though the draft was kinda a joke, as five of the players just wanted to get cards and dropped almost immediately. The one game I did play before being eliminated was against one of the judges from the main events, and I got thoroughly destroyed. It was fun to watch someone that good play, but I had no chance to begin with.I managed to trade for a few cards I’d been looking for, though I did trade away cards I’d rather have also. All in all an excellent way to spend a weekend, despite the strenuousness of going to Syracuse to do it. By the by, thanks to all the judges and people who organzied and set up the event (Gray Matter Conventions in particular) and to all the players I played against for a wonderful time.

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