Merry Christmas!

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Heya all my wonderful reader(s). Merry Christmas and all that. I’m in Florida. So, it’s not a white Christmas, it’s muggy, not all hot and tropical like you’re thinking. Plus, however nice my grandparents are, they’re kinda boring. I’m just glad I can steal some random neighbor’s wifi connection from the back porch. (And no, it’s not really stealing, it’s propagating onto property I’m allowed to be on, and it’s unsecured, so it’s like leaving the sprinkler set up on the edge of your property. You can’t complain because your neighbor got their lawn watered too.)Anywho, this is a very different Christmas thing for me, so I’m (mostly) without internets here to begin with. Without my cell phone I’d be completely cut off, because we’re staying at my other grandparent’s house where there’s no internets to steal. At least I can get my email and all that.

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