Me, a Job? Yes, really.

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Well, I managed to get contacted about my application to a company. Just for a co-op, but still, exciting news for me, as I’ve never really had a job before. A little terrifying, a lot exciting, and a bunch of awesome. Certainly an ego boost to be considered for hiring (as long as I’m not way out in left field on what my skills are like, which considering that I’ve never worked in a really professional environment could be the case). The company does telecom-type stuff, which is interesting (particualarly VoIP stuff is what I think is cool, but all the ‘first-generation’ hackers came from the phreaker community (for the most part) so telephony has to have some appeal just for that. ) I go in for an interview/test/thing on Friday, so we’ll see how that goes. If this works out it’ll be a wonderfully good thing for me, just to get all the co-op and work experience stuff started, as I really feel behind compared to some people I’ve met, but I guess some people chose this school with the notion that they were going to do the internship/co-op thing anyway, and they may as well go to a school set up for it. (As a transfer student, it’s a little weird feeling, if not actually weird in practice because I’m not as embedded in the culture of RIT and the co-op stuff, on a social and academic level hasn’t been part of my college experience from the beginning.) So, yeah. Exciting. Terrifying. Linux. C++. Telephony. Me.

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