Loot! w00t!

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Well, no friday rant this week. Why? ‘Cause friday was my birthday. So, instead of ranting I’ll let you all just relax and not get annoyed by my overbearing ignorance. I will, however, post a loot list. Here’s what I’ve gotten for my birthday so far:

  • meh. Shirt.
  • Some outdoor pants.
  • Some button-up shirts.
  • Another shirt, long-sleeved, black. (You should know the drill by now.)
  • LED Lightbulb
  • Chai Mints
  • Einstein book
  • Toblerone Chocolate
  • Box of Magic cards
  • Bag of Holding
  • The promise of a cell phone.

So yeah, other than that, if you want details, you’ll have to know me well enough to IM or email me. Oh, and I turned 21, thank you for asking.Done!

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