In my world…

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things would be different:

  • All public schools will teach computer literacy, first aid, basic outdoors(wo)manship, and actual theory, not just formula. (This includes non-mathematical disicplines, like English.)
  • Anyone who says “gross,” “disgusting,” “ewww,” or any other expression like that at the mention of normal bodily functions or fluids will be hit with something hard. They’re normal, they’re not disgusting. Bodies are useful things, they don’t need much fixing. You have fluids for a reason, and no, they’re not dirty.
  • No mercy will be shown to those who fail to understand the consequences of putting information out on the Internet.
  • No television show will be allowed to air without first passing a literary review by erudite viewers. If it doesn’t at least keep them pleasantly entertained, it will not be allowed on the air.
  • Food will be untaxed only if it is unprocessed, organic, or an “intgredient” (i.e. not ready-to-eat). Anything else is a service stashed in a box.
  • No legal document can be admissible and binding unless an average person could read and understand it in less time than it took to write.

To be continued….(at some later date, to be determined.)And hey, if you’re just checking the facebook notes thing, check out the actual website It’s loads prettier (well, maybe) and has a survey in the side bar I’d like people to answer. Also, it’s good for your soul.

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