Friday Rant #6: Such an unfortunate name.

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Alright, I think I’ve had some technical issues these past few days, what with switching +vhost for everything I host, which just makes things more complicated. Basically, wordpress dis-installed itself from my webserver. One command fix, but still. Automagical upgrades shouldn’t break things. But…on to the subject of this rant.I’m calling these things, “Friday Rants,” which is unfortunate, because it’s turning into biweekly-ish, weekend rants. I’m not changing the name. Continuity is good. Except when it’s a webcomic. But continuity in name is good. Really good. Ridiculously important. Companies sue for billions over names. They’re important. My thing is a “Friday Rant” because that’s when they’re supposed to be read. I write them at other times. I post them at other times. Whatever. You will read them on Fridays, because that’s when people check things like this. You’re done with your week, you’re bored, because you don’t feel like getting anything done for the next week yet, and you don’t have anything quite planned out to do that night yet. So you check some random Internets while you chat up your buddies for some real entertainment. You get a laugh from my stuff, and you leave. (And that’s being optimistic.) It’s tongue-in-check, it’s stupid, it’s biased and annoying. It’s the people that during the week you just want to strangle; on the weekend you can just laugh at them. At least in effigy. Text effigy. Whatever.It’s an unfortunate name, because as soon as I get famous and read by tens of people, I’ll get hate mail about the name. That’s it. I honestly like the name. It’s simple, and to the point. You have “Friday.” Simple. A day of the week. You have “Rant.” Simple; it’s a thing that you read and is loud and annoying. Put them together, “Friday Rant.” A day of the week that’s loud and annoying. Makes sense to me, whenever you read it. I just used Friday, but any day will do. Friday’s just nice and easy to remember. Just think of it like a meta-syntactic variable. It fits. It’s easy. And I’m lazy, because it doesn’t matter that much.Oh, and once I get to ten of these, we’ll throw a party, or something. A virtual party, without guests or anything, just me sitting sadly staring at my computer. Because I still won’t have more than 0 readers. If you want to convince me otherwise, good luck, as you’ll have to exist. But commenting might be cool. I’ll probably need to check a few times before I believe I’m not hallucinating, but commenting is a good way to make me keep writing. So if you hate this, comment and tell me why. So I can make you hate it more. That’s my job. If you like it, tell me that too, so I can stop doing whatever it is that you’re liking.That is all.

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