Friday Rant #5: Living and working in peace.

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Alright, here goes (and yes, it’s still on a Saturday this week, so what, I explained this already)…I really just want to do my thing uninterrupted and unbothered. I’ve generally got it figured out what I really want, so you don’t have to give me all those options unless I ask, you don’t have to try and think for me, you don’t have to “fix” my problems. I’m not like everyone else. I’m human, but that’s where the simliarities end. I just had to move out of temporary housing today. I moved from an Inn where I have to take a shuttle to get to class to an on-campus appartment. It’s nice, but boy did it suck having to move twice in a month. First time was kinda exciting and all that. This time was just work, plain and simple. The more I have to move, the more likely it becomes that I’ll not really have that “new place” feeling. Attachment dimishes as the number of things attached increases. Moving on….The process was painful enough, but Housing couldn’t organize two sticks into a pile. The temporary housing victims (students) went and got assigned to their new places Thursday. Pretty short notice right? Well, I go to pick up my key on Friday, and guess what? I’m not really living where they said I would. They lied to me. So I’m living somewhere else. Fortunately for Housing, everyone seems really easygoing and not too bothered by the whole thing. I’m not really all that bothered either, as everything worked out really well (at least so far). It’s a matter of princple though…Housing should be able to figure out where to put people before they even show up. Them fancy computers can do all the complicated pattern matching and prioritization, all it takes is a human to sort out the left-overs and real conflicts. Admittedly, there’s probably a lot of them, but the extremely slow pace of things makes me think they’re not really all up on the new-fangled technology stuff. And that’s just sad. Not that I really blame them, they do get the job done, eventually, but they really shouldn’t use paper to track something as ephemeral as college housing. I hate to say it, but they probably need a reorganization.That’s all this week, as I’ve been a little busy. Tune in next week, when everything might still be working.

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