Friday Rant #4: It's Saturday.

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Yeah. It’s Saturday. I missed Friday, even though I said I was going to have a rant up. So what?I was busy. Not really. I just don’t care that much if a rant is late right now. I’d rather have them up late than to force myself to do it on time. Not for quality reasons either. Just on general principle. I don’t do things unless I want to. That’s not to say that I’m entirely pleasure focused or anything like that; I just know what I do and don’t want.Example:I want to go to school (RIT).I want to learn things.I don’t want to do useless work. (e.g. Ungraded homework.)See? These aren’t the ephemeral or transient ‘wants’ like “I want ice cream.” or anything. These are wants that go beyond just the superficial. The sort of maxims that run our lives kind of wants. Everybody has them, but too many people ignore them. At least, I’m pretty sure they do, because they aren’t happy, or satisfied, or content. When wants are fulfilled, they should be meaningful enough that it gives you something. (If nothing else, a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.) Some people might think they don’t really know what they want. But. Guess. What? They do. They may not realize it, but every time they do something that makes them deeply unhappy, they know what they really want. And every time they do something they want and they don’t get anything out of it, they know what they really want. All that remains is to actually do what they really want — and that’s where they have problems. Their mind kicks up all sorts of ruckus about obligations and responsibilities and what everyone expects of them. They may want some of those things too, but if they take care of their insular wants first, the rest will follow. “Insular wants?” you may be asking. Yes. The kind that don’t rely on other people to validate. The kind that build self-esteem and keep you from feeling like you did when you didn’t think you knew what you wanted. After that, even if you can’t get all the social wants taken care of you’re still better off, because if you try to go the other way around the crushing defeat of your self-esteem at your failures (and you will fail) will drive you back into your little distorted unhappy, unhealthy, subservient, and broken-hearted world. You don’t want that, do you?So screw everyone else, do what you want now. Really. Now. And don’t come crying to me if they hate you. You don’t need them. I told you otherwise. Pay attention. Now go already.

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