Friday Rant #1: Commitment and more.

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I’m, as we now speak (read, whatever. don’t mess with the metaphor), inaugurating something. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, yet. But it’s here and you’re a part of it, like it or not.To get right down to it, I’m going to regularly (every Friday) blog about something in a ranty (hopefully) amusing manner. This week, commitment. Before I really dig in and start, please realize this is a work of, at the best, bad humor. This is in no way meant to be (entirely) serious. But I’m not committed to that.I’m not really committed to much of anything. And that’s not a problem. That’s not the generally accepted theory, however, so I’m going to rant…I don’t commit, because I’m flexible. No, it’s not because I can’t. I’m committing to this weekly rant thing, but only if I keep doing it. If I stop doing this, I never committed. Because if I was committed, I would have done it. It’s that simple. To be truly committed requires enough resolve to do whatever you’re saying you’re committed to doing. And no, you can’t commit to just an idea. There’s no such thing. When you commit. You’re promising action. Therefore, if you don’t do what you say you’ve committed to doing, you really didn’t commit.Commitment doesn’t matter. And yes, you heard it here first. Unless you’ve heard that before. But here’s the first real time you heard it. The time when you heard it with your gut, and knew it was true. That is how you tell truth from fiction, but that’s another rant.So I’m committed to this. But I say that not knowing if I truly am. I need to move myself to action, then I’ll know if I’m committed. Not yet though. I’ve indicated I intend to commit, but I can’t know. No one can know. But enough about my commitment (pending) to you. What about your commitment(s) to others?Let’s say, for example, you’ve said or done something that’s led someone you know to think you’re committed to something. As long as you’ve never done anything that you would need to do as a committed person towards whatever you led someone to believe you committed to, you have no need to worry. Commitment requires action, so if you don’t take any action, you really didn’t commit. However, many people don’t understand this. I recommend you let your actions speak louder than your words and just act like you were never committed (which you weren’t, so it should be pretty easy). This way, these other people will become enlightened by your actions and learn the true meaning of commitment. (They will also learn a valuable lesson in empty promises and inference, but that’s another rant too.)By this point, you’ve either stopped reading, because my powerful rhetoric has so boggled your mind you are no longer capable of thinking, or you’re wondering about that other meaning of committed. The one where you call up some nice people to take away someone who is pathologically insane. That is entirely commitment, it is action. There is no need to attempt to commit me in this manner; however, because I’m not pathologically insane, just conveniently insane. I’m only insane in the convenient ways. Like getting off criminal charges.And that, in a (Brazil-)nutshell, is commitment. Everything you need to know, and all I ever knew. Go out into the world and live better because of your knowledge.

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