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Ever heard of it? (Freaks & Geeks, that is) It's a television show. Saw it at Borders one day. Was told it was good. "Cancelled before it's time" or somesuch nonsense. So I've been watching some of that. (No, I didn't buy it, I'm not rich. Just looking for good stuff to watch.) Good show. I can see why it was critically acclaimed and wouldn't get network execs all that excited. It's a show about uncomfortable moments. A lot of it seems a little cliche, but it pretty much defines the cliche, rather than imitates it, so I don't think it's misplaced.Anyway, though I'd post what I've been up to, as I'm not going to let this blog die. Not without a fight.Go watch something cool, then tell me about it. Because I like watching cool things.

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