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So I was handed $50 dollars today.  This has got me into a lot of serious thinking, which, even considering that it is something like 20% of my current liquid assets, usually wouldn’t happen.  Not that I’m careless with money, but I always say “I don’t have any income,” so I can’t do any of the smart financial things to do with savings.  And since I don’t have any debt (lucky me), there’s not really any rush, as my situation isn’t degrading with time (although, if you think about it long enough, you’ll realize compound interest works both ways). I read Steve Pavlina’s “10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job”some time ago (I’m not sure exactly when) and definitely agreed witheverything he said.  For a long time I’d been trying to figure out whatwould be my ideal job.  Nothing ever seemed to fit, so seeing not onlya way I could get by without one, but seeing an example of it reallyinspired me to focus on being successful on my own terms (job orotherwise).  So I’ve been a bit of a liar in that I do get income, in bits and pieces for random things, but I do end up with money from time to time.  That’s not the point I’m really trying to make (though I’ll say more about this in a bit.); however, the point is I really should have recognized this income a long time ago. It doesn’t come from a regular job, it’s not much, it’s irregular, but I don’t even know how much it has added up to, or what kind of investment I could have had if I’d done something more useful with it, or what terms I could have dictated in my life if I’d paid attention.That’s really the shame in all of it, as one of my friends has recently become really financially aware, started a blog, and got mentioned in the New York Times (front page even).  She’s been pushing everyone she knows to be financially aware, and I’ve been fairly content in my non-emergency situation and my lack of much to manage or have awareness.  That’s really the lie, that I’m doing alright just because I’m not in a financial crisis; everything but dead isn’t very good and shouldn’t be the goal, in finance or anything else.So, in honor of my link love for her, and inspired by her post about what to do if someone gave her X dollars right now, I’m going to figure out something financially smart (like opening a good account somewhere, or investing account, or whatever turns out to be the most useful) and do that.  I’m not going anywhere financially right now, but I’d like to be; this is the way to start.  I’ll keep all of you reader(s) up to date with what I do with it, and the rest of my somewhat stagnant assets.Go start something yourself.  Health isn’t just not being dead.

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