Doctorow on DRM

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Well, I thought I'd post a link to this. (or Embed it, as the case may be.) It's good stuff. Mr. Doctorow can rant with style. I just rant with random words. Though, I'm sure he's prepared a bit more, and he does this kind of stuff for a living, more or less. The talk is his keynote from Toorcon, and the video is probably put together by the hackaday folks, as their logo starts of the video. Not the most exciting video ever, really, but the stuff should fire you up, at least a little, if you've ever thought downloading music and movies from the internet wasn't all so bad. He puts for the case pretty clearly that "copy-protection" isn't. The solutions, in my opinion, need work, but at least he's proposing solutions. Other links to drop on you if you're looking for more info: Electronic Frontier Foundation, EPIC.

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