Birthday Parties: Not mine, but I live here, so…

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So we had a birthday party/June party for my sister and our exchange student Camila yesterday. There were lots of people, mostly foreign, because exchange students all know each other. Some people I knew were there, but mostly just my sister's friends and the exchange students. I was in charge of the campfire and tents and all sorts of outdoor things, and had a bit of an adventure, that, for posterity, I feel as though I should document... While preparing the fire, there was the idea to disassemble the fort/cabin/ground-house thing we had built a few summers ago and never really used. The wood was mostly rotten, as expected, and I stepped up onto the roof (which supported me just fine). In smashing bits off the roof and trying to break the boards off so that we could disassemble the rest of the thing, I managed to collapse most of the roof into the cabin. (No one was inside, thankfully) However, the part of the roof I was standing on also moved. This was not so good for my balance and I feel on top of the, now three feet lower, roof. Aside from being incredibly dirty and having a bruised ego, I was (and am) fine. I kinda wish I had it on tape, or something. It was pretty funny. And not at all dangerous or scary. Honest.

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