Apologies, there's no excuse for lazy, writing sucks…

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Alright. I don't update nearly as often as I should. I'm also doing so much random writing for school that I have no free moments to actually do some recreationaly useful writing. So—sorry if there's a lack of useful running around. Comment if you think I should write shorter more snippet-like posts on a day-to-day basis on—let's say, whatever is interesting in the world at the moment to me. Or anything else you think. It's just nice to know I've got actual, honest-to-goodness readers. Not that all two of you really matter. But the Internet-as-catharsis thing gets old quicker than you'd like if no one actually reads your ranting. That and if nobody really read it, then I'm ranting at me. And yelling at yourself is a sure fire sign of insanity. Just like too many exclamation points.

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