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So, I’m back to classes, if anyone really cares. I’m taking barely enough to be full time, but that’s alright. Two required classes, and two liberal arts/outside area-type classes. Should be good, only been to the technical ones so far. (Pretty nice split, all tech/math, then all philosophy/lit.) Looks like I’m going to be taking it easy this quarter a little, not like last quarter was hard. In any case, I’m back to school, and I’ve had some conversations about my education as recently as 4 hours ago that I wanted to share with the greater body of the world.Though, I’m mostly documenting these thoughts because of something that was thrown around when I was talking with people last night. Writing to your future self. While that’s not the most useful way to maintain readership, though it guarantee’s at least one person will be mildly interested, I decided to write with a “what now” bent and have this preserved in some meaningless way, for the future.I’ve been told about a dozen different majors now that I “should” be studying (the current Computer Science, included). Anything from mathematics, philosophy, computer engineering, new/digital media, animation(ish), etc. Mostly the people suggesting the change have been well-meaning, and it’s not that I just won’t change. It’s that “there’s still time for that.” I can always just learn it later. There’s always more to learn, and I can always just keep getting degrees. My goals are not aligned with getting a job, growing old, and retiring until death. I’m, at heart, a technologist and a futurist. The future isn’t now. The future is what I make it, and I’m gonna make it awesome. So there.That’s my goal. Help me, don’t tell me I need to fit into a box, because I really don’t like cubicles.

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