Software Projects


I write software, and here is a landing page for that.


These are software projects I write that are intended to be fully complete software, not libraries or components. Many are not 'product' software in the sense that they don't offer a complete solution, in a general sense, but are independent units of functionality intended to compose well with other tools. (But unlike libraries or components, are independently useful and functional).


SS4SC is the Simple Server for (4) Static Content. It is a statically-linkable C++ HTTP/1.1 server that serves file contents.

It is intended to be simple, and useful as a static file backend without the complexity of other HTTP servers.

Hosting fully static websites or content farms is the goal, and to that end it does not generate directory indexes, or guess file types or other things like that. SS4SC uses filesystem extended attributes to return headers as needed on each file.

For full details see the repository:


These are APIs, utilities, or software components that are not independently useful and intended to be built on.


A C++14 (and later) library to perform integer to byte serialization (in big-endian / network-order) without invoking undefined behavior.

When not using a new enough C++ standard to support std::byte and std::span, this library requires the Guidelines Support Library to provide gsl::byte and gsl::span.